At K&M, we understand the potential threat that any grade other than an “A” can have on your restaurant. For this reason, our customized restaurant pest control services are specifically designed to enable restaurants to earn the coveted “A” grade on each and every inspection.

Having a quality restaurant pest control program is one of the most important things a restaurant can have. It goes beyond the requirement to maintain compliance with federal guidelines and local health codes. Flies and other pests can contaminate food and food preparation areas and can even spread diseases to your customers and staff. In a social world where news travels faster than ever, a single pest sighting in your restaurant can cost you customers and do irreparable damage to your hard-earned reputation.

At K&M Pest Solutions, we know how important it is to discreetly provide quick and effective pest control services to our restaurant customers. That’s why we adopt an integrated pest management approach to providing the most effective and least toxic pest control methods suitable for a restaurant environment. We begin every restaurant pest control service with a comprehensive evaluation of food and beverage areas. After identifying existing and potential pest problems and diagnosing the factors that are most likely contributing to the pest infestation, we collaborate with the owners to develop a customized pest control program, including fly control and drain cleaning.